All the Keurig® extras you need for serving
K-Cup® coffee at home


Tableware for the Keurig® K-Cup® brewer and coffee system

You can really make your Keurig® coffee area that little bit special with these added extras from Keurig®.. If you are interested in a K140 or K150 K-Cup® machine, consider our special Keurig® starter packs which can come bundled with many of these tableware products.

Keurig Care Kit Bundle

A Brita AquaGusto water filter, plus a bottle of descaling solution.
from £21.00 per care kit

Keurig® Descale Solution

Descaler solution for use with Keurig® K140/K150 Brewers
from £14.00 per bottle

Brita AquaGusto Water Filter

Increase the quality of your drinks with this clever filter.
from £7.18 per filter

Keurig® K-Cup® Carousel Single Unit

Good looking stainless steel pod carousel for holding up to 27 K-cup® pods.
from £20.00 per carousel

Keurig® Wire Rack 4 Box Display

Stainless steel wire rack which holds 4 boxes of K-Cup® pods.
from £25.00 per rack

Keurig® 5 Column Cup and Lid Holder

Wire based 5 Column Cup and Lid Holder for Keurig® coffee station.
from £40.00 per rack