Create an extra special coffee
with some essential extras


Extras for a special coffee

You can really make your Keurig® coffee area that little bit special with these added extras.. If you are interested in a K140 or K150 K-Cup® machine, consider our special Keurig® starter packs.

Sweetbird Caramel Syrup 1ltr

The classic taste of caramel to give your coffee that extra hit.
from £7.15 per bottle

Sweetbird Vanilla Syrup 1ltr

Add a hint of vanilla sweetness your coffee.
from £7.15 per bottle

Sweetbird Hazlenut Syrup 1ltr

Nutty and sweet, to give a coffee a bit of zing.
from £7.15 per bottle

White Mini Mallows (1Kg)

Lovely fluffy mini mallows for topping coffees.
from £5.80 per bag

Poldermill Cinnamon Sprinkles 125g

Sprinkle a taste of cinnamon onto your coffee.
from £4.20 per box

Poldermill Chocolate Sprinkles 250g

Chocolate sprinkles for cappuchino or lattes.
from £3.80 per box